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RxMarketSCIENCE is an Industry, Policy and Strategy Evaluation, Research, Analysis & Education firm specialized in the study of global business eco-system of prescription drugs.


RxMarketSCIENCE focuses exclusively on the study of the global business eco-system of prescription drugs. This eco-system includes Drug Ingredients Manufacturers,  Drug Manufacturers, Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs), Drug Distributors/Wholesalers, Retail and Outpatient Pharmacies, Mail Order & Online Pharmacies, Group Purchasing Organizations, Various Prescription Technology, Business and Clinical solutions that enable patient drug access, payment and health outcomes. 

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The goal of RxMarketSCIENCE is to help firms develop, execute and fine-tune smart and practical strategies built on deep industry knowledge. Our works follow a strategy practitioner's approach where we give importance to underlying forces and phenomena driving the industry in addition to published statistics and our own research findings. We take into account pharmaceutical policy landscape, industry and value chain dynamics, regulatory developments, contemporary technological advancements, competitive actions of industry players and combine these driving factors with practitioner's insights and theoretical perspectives.


RxMarketSCIENCE  brings 15 years of experience in solving problems within the US drug commerce eco system. Our broader network of expertise spans across the pharmaceutical commerce industry.

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